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The ICS 3-D Panel System is a revolutionary, low maintenance building system.

3-D Panels have a high R-value foam core with reinforcing wire mesh on both sides. Field erected and shot-creted, the panels become extraordinarily strong load-bearing walls, floors, or roofs for residential or commercial buildings. The thermo-mass effect of a concrete/foam sandwich produces maximum energy savings.

Complete testing has verified the integrity of the 3-D panel system.
See 3-D Panelworks' list of code approvals, including BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI.

3-D Panels are suitable for residential and commercial construction:

Key Benefits of the ICS 3-D Panel System

  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Low Maintenance; Fire and Earthquake resistant
  • Outstanding Temperature Control (R-value between 10 and 32)
  • Foam core is lightweight; easy to handle and cut; contains no CFCs
  • Full technical details available at

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